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Allison Church


Trailer #1

Onboard the RMS TITANIC, Professor Dennis Parker believes he's taking with him to New York the archeological discovery of a lifetime. As the voyage progresses, passengers and crew become the victims of several grisly murders - not seen since the infamous Jack the Ripper. All clues point to the impossible: the murderer is a 3,000-year-old mummy named "Ka-Re." Amid all the death and chaos, Parker forces himself to choose between preserving his lifelong discovery and saving himself.

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Dark Passenger Book Trailer Link

Trailer #3

The house loomed over the city like a beacon of malevolent evil. People spoke of it only in whispers. Others tried to own it, eventually coming out in a body bag. Darkness dripped from its windows, spilled blood made up the foundations of its property, and Satan seemed to have a claim on the land. Houses built along its borders nailed their windows shut so they wouldn't have to see it. Evil resided within its ancient walls, and did not care who knew it!

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Battle Not With Monsters - Cover Art

Trailer #2

The mysterious woman wove a tale of betrayed love and unwanted, unnatural experiments placed upon her. In her claims, she stated that she had once been a man! The prisoner couldn't believe that he was listening to such ridiculous madness. A descent into insanity, fueled by a jealous rage, ended with using scientific tools for torture and seeking the ultimate revenge. Her name was "Eve Doe," and her crazed wife genetically created her like a Frankenstein's Monster. 

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Cover Artwork

Trailer #4

With a well-earned reputation for being rebellious, scandalous, and impossible to work with, Father Donavon Pike has a knack for causing trouble. When he finally gets a church of his own, he truly believes that his life is about to change. Little does he know that when he learns a dangerous secret about his much-treasured faith, Father Pike soon struggles to face the devastating truth behind the lie he's been calling his life. Learning the unfathomable power behind "The Keeper at the Gates."

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Keeper at the Gates - Cover Art
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